NJ car insurance and theft protection

NJ car insurance prices are influenced by the different types of risks the average New Jersey car owner is subjected to. Of course, in such an agglomerated area the most common peril drivers face is the risk of auto collision. That's exactly why car insurance was made mandatory in the first place, since there are too many car crashes taking place every day that need to be reviewed fast and without the involvement of any courts. However, besides the obvious risk of rear-ending with another car while stuck in traffic, a typical car owner living in the New Jersey area is also exposed to the risk of getting his or her car stolen. Although, the average auto theft rates have dropped to a 40-year minimum, which is certainly a great achievement, there are still hundreds of thousands cars stolen every year, leading to billions of dollars in losses. And like any other large metropolitan area, New Jersey has its share of stolen cars. Insurers have to deal with these losses, and they usually do it the traditional way by spreading the costs over their customers. So each car that is stolen adds up a few bucks to your premiums. But you can change that by making your personal car less prone to being stolen.

Thanks to the initiative of several insurance companies that offered discounts to drivers who fitted their cars with anti-theft gadgets, there's now a great decline in theft rates, and many other insurance companies have adopted the practice as well. So if you fit your car with special devices that will decrease the odds of it being stolen then you can opt for a discount that will drop your NJ car insurance rates substantially. Although not any device will do, and you will have to register with your insurer to get a discount in the first place. The best strategy in this domain is to inquire with your provider which devices they would recommend installing and which will grant a discount, and fitting these devices only after the conversation. This way you will avoid buying useless items that won't be taken into account.

However, theft protection is not only about fitting your car with special devices as your behavior can also protect your car from theft. Quite often thieves and burglars break into cars that are fitted with anti-theft devices thanks to the driver's negligence. And you certainly don't want to be responsible for getting your car stolen and broken down into parts, right? There are several simple rules you should follow regarding your car if you want to keep it safe from any theft attempts:

Lock the doors and windows. This may seem obvious, but many car owners forget about this simple rule and learn a lesson about negligence the hard way by finding their cars broken into or stolen. Sometimes even a small open gap is enough for an experienced thief to break into your car, so be careful. And don't keep any spare keys in your car.

Don't leave the engine running. Even if it's a very short stop at the shop or gas station, leaving the engine running makes it easier for the thief to take your car away. So make sure to create an additional problem for the potential thief by making him start the car manually if he wants to do it.

Keep the car in a well-lit area. The dark corner in the valley with no passers-by may seem like a good place to hide your car, but it's also a good place for a thief to break into your car unnoticed. The more exposed the car is the lower is the risk of it being stolen.

Don't leave any valuables inside. This includes bags, cell phones, purses, computers, wallets, even mail and documents. Things like these can provoke a break-in and theft if you leave them where someone can see them.

These simple rules should be a good addition to any anti-theft device. And they will surely make your NJ car insurance more adequate and affordable.

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