Optimizing your NJ car insurance costs

The average costs of NJ car insurance are regarded among the highest in all of the USA, with only Washington D.C. featuring more expensive rates. So it's not surprising to see many car owners in New Jersey complaining about the unbearable insurance cots. It is estimated that the average amount of money spent on NJ car insurance by a local driver every year is more than $1,100, which is twice the amount an Iowan pays for the same amount of coverage. There are many explanations to this, including the increase of wages and constantly rising repair and medical costs. But this certainly doesn't make it any easier for ordinary car owners to handle their costs. If you feel that yoru NJ car insurance policy is just too much to deal with, don't haste terminating it and selling your car. There are still ways to make it more affordable if you learn how to optimize your costs effectively. Here are several tips that will surely help you do that:

Review your coverage

If you have paid off your loan and are in a full possession of your vehicle, you get a lot of maneuver space in terms of policy adjustment. This includes the possibility to drop collision and comprehensive coverage, which make up about 40-50% of your final premium. Of course, it makes sense to do it if your car isn't that new and its current market value has dropped below the $5,000. You may want to consider dropping collision coverage first, as comprehensive can still be very useful. And you can also think about adjusting other coverage options such as uninsured motorist, personal injury protection or even third party liability. Just make sure to keep your limits at a reasonable level that will guarantee that a serious accident will be covered in full. Adjusting your coverage can reduce your NJ car insurance rates considerably.

Raise the deductible

Raising the deductible can also decrease your premiums effectively but this action has a price. Since the deductible is a sum of money paid before the coverage can be obtained, raising this amount can make it a bit harder for you to get the coverage when it's needed. The usual deductible is set to $100 or $250, and if you raise it up to $500 or $1,000 you can get more than 50% off your premiums. But make sure that you can afford such a raise, otherwise you will be unable to get the coverage because the deductible is too high.

Shop around

Comparison shopping is the most essential part of any cost-optimization process because it can prevent you from unnecessary overpaying in the future. NJ car insurance can be purchased from many companies, each having its own method of price formation. When you compare identical quotes you will observe that the rates differ to an extent, and the difference can sometimes be rather pronounced. That's why it always makes sense getting as much NJ car insurance quotes as you can to have a good selection of policies to choose from. And of course, it's always easier to shop around for insurance online since you can simultaneously compare numerous quotes this way.

Get a cheaper car to insure

Sometimes it's a matter of the car you are trying to insure. Maybe your model isn't the most insurance-friendly on the market, especially if the theft rates for it are too high, it's expensive to repair or doesn't have the necessary safety or security features. Shop around to see how cheap or expensive NJ car insurance may be for other car models and consider switching to a more affordable car in order to keep getting more affordable quotes all the time.

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