Fitting NJ car insurance with hurricane protection

The recent disaster that hit the East Coast under the name of hurricane Sandy has left numerous car owners wondering about their insurance. People were finding their cars smashed by trees, signs, poles or washed away by massive water flows, and it was natural for them to wonder whether their NJ car insurance would pay for the damage. Those who didn't have any comprehensive coverage on their hands didn't have any other option but to take a loan for a new car or use public transportation, since their losses weren't covered by their policies. However, a number of people who had comprehensive coverage in the first place found out that their losses are covered only to an extent or the damage delivered falls under the exclusions section of the policy. So it wasn't surprising to see a lot of angry car owners complaining about their unreliable insurers. But the most unpleasant part in this situation is that in most cases the customers themselves are responsible for not getting the coverage they expect due to misinterpretation of their policies or poor decisions made when buying coverage. In order to avoid such unpleasant situations, there are a few simple recommendations on how to get your NJ car insurance ready for any potential hurricane damage.

If you don't have any comprehensive coverage with your policy in the first place, you should strongly consider buying it, even if it will raise your premiums. Comprehensive coverage is a very useful feature, especially in such an agglomerated area as New Jersey. It covers a wide range of situations that fall outside the usual collision events, including such circumstances as theft, fire, wind, lightning, earthquake and many others. Not to say that these types of damage are very common, but for some people it may be even more useful than collision coverage. And when dealing with such events as the recent hurricane Sandy, it's the comprehensive part of your NJ car insurance policy that is likely to pay for the damage inflicted to the car.

However, buying comprehensive coverage right before the storm isn't a very good idea. First of all, you will likely have a hard time finding a proper package at a decent price, because the insurers already expect a high number of claims and will certainly sky-rocket the prices on all relevant types of coverage. So it's best to equip your NJ car insurance with comprehensive coverage well in advance, preferably when there's not even a hint of bad weather in the area. That's when the prices will be low and you will be able to find a good package. But does fitting your policy with this coverage options automatically grants you with all the necessary financial protection? Unfortunately, no, unless you exercise caution and take the necessary steps to make it work well.

The problem is that each company provides its own set of circumstances when the coverage applies. With one company you can have flood and earthquake damage covered, while with the other none will be included. That's why you have to review the list of insurance situations for comprehensive coverage thoroughly and pay attention to the exclusions. If there's a particular peril that you would want to be covered against that is not included to the package, you can always purchase an additional weaver for this specific type of damage. It will be reflected in your premiums, of course, but that's the price of making your NJ car insurance adequate to such perils as hurricane where various types of damage may be delivered to your car.

It's important to review your policy well ahead of any possible natural disasters, otherwise you may get in the insurance turmoil and pushed to make hasty decisions. Some people may find it a bit costly to fit all the necessary coverage options to their NJ car insurance. However, if you don't want to end up with your car being completely totaled while the insurance doesn't pay out anything, it's in your own interest to review and tailor your policy accordingly.

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