NJ car insurance for different car types

It's not a big secret that different car types deliver different NJ car insurance quotes. You've probably observed it yourself while getting quotes for different cars you have owned throughout the years. Truth to be told, insurance rates tend to vary a lot between various car models, and it's common for a particular car type that is believed to be expensive to insure, to feature a specific car model that actually costs less in terms of coverage than a model, which makes part of a more insurance-friendly type of vehicles. That's why you always have to consider your options and shop around, especially if you need your NJ car insurance to be affordable. Nevertheless, there are certain generalizations about different car types that can guide you in the process of selecting the right car with respect to insurance costs. Here's a short overview of all the common types of cars with a brief explanation why the insurance trends for these types are as they are:

Small city cars

Small vehicles designed for heavy traffic areas seem like the perfect choice in terms of insurance. However, they are actually more expensive to insure in many cases. While small cars are usually cheap to repair and rarely make it to theft reports, they have a huge downside to them - their size. While being able to park or fit in in traffic where other cars wouldn't be able to is certainly a great thing, when it comes to collisions their size and reduce mass represent a huge peril for the people inside. This is simple physics: during a collision the smaller object sustains more damage than the larger object. That's why the costs of claims filed for small cars tend to be very high, including severe damage and serious injuries. That's why small cars usually get higher NJ car insurance quotes.

Medium sized cars and family vans

The salt of the auto market, middle-class cars represent the most numerous vehicle type on the road. And if you don't have anything against blending in with the masses, you will certainly appreciate the benefits of this car type. Such cars are usually fitted with good safety features that make them much safer for the people inside. The repair costs of such vehicles are also very affordable, so the average NJ car insurance rate for middle-class cars are among the lowest you will find on the market. But of course, it also depends on particular models.

SUVs and trucks

Large cars represent a fetish for US drivers, and if you ever had the chance to own an SUV or truck you will probably stick to this car type for a long time. Large vehicles have better security and comfort mainly due to their size. In collisions they represent the opposite to small cars that is they are subjected to less damage because of their greater mass. However, the repair costs for such vehicles are usually high, and the liability faced by owners is higher if compared to other car types. That's where the size and mass represent the main problem - this combination usually delivers more damage to other cars and infrastructure, which forces the third party liability limits to be raised accordingly. So you will typically get higher NJ car insurance if you like driving big cars.

Sports and muscle cars

This car type is regarded as the champion when it comes to expensive NJ car insurance. They drive too fast, are too powerful, provoke aggressive driving that often results in serious crashes and fatal accidents, and are also expensive to repair. That's why speed and power lovers tend to get the highest rates on the market.

Expensive and luxury vehicles

Most people think that it's logic for expensive vehicles to have costly insurance. But the price of the vehicle has nothing to do with its insurance costs, as it's influenced by other factors. Luxury vehicles usually have costly spare parts so repairing them could be expensive, that's why you can get slightly higher rates for such cars. However, in some cases expensive cars can be even more affordable in terms of insurance that certain middle-class models if the combination of factors is right.

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